Barns Green Youth Club meets on every Thursday evenings at the village hall, from 07.00PM to 09.00PM term time.
The main aim of the Youth Club is to provide social and educational facilities and opportunities for all local young people aged 11-16 to help them to develop physically, mentally and spiritually and mature as individuals and members of society and to learn how to safely enjoy themselves. We are dedicated to supporting young people to realise their potential.

The group has grown starting with monthly meetings for around 10 young people aged 12 to 16, to weekly meetings.

Some of the highlights at meetings have been:-

Speed Pool & table football competitions
Xbox Games
Table Tennis competition
Club Photo
Valentine cards
Pancake making
Ceramic Tile painting
Village Collage
Easter Games
Water Fight
Games on the green

As well as the special activities like the ones named above we always have available at meetings a pool table, table football, table-tennis, board games, Wii, PS2 and four internet connected laptops.

Contact details are on the web site , email:

Youth Club - Every Thursday evening - Term time

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